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  • Risk Assessment
    We has gained the reputation for consistently providing consistent, high-quality results. To strive for excellence in everything we do, we continuously improve the skills and capabilities of our people by providing advances training programs.
  • Company Security
    We provide Private properties, residential estates, club houses, hospitals, schools, commercial offices, retails shops, constructions sites, warehouses and open markets.
  • Life Protection
    Our close protection service operates on a very discreet and professional level to provide our customers with the safety they require. Our team of specially trained security personnel render essential and flexible services, not only in Hong Kong but wherever the need arises.

Why Choose Us

Technical Security Surveys

As one of the market leaders, we have enjoyed a predominant position. By employing over multi-skilled engineers and technicians, we are experienced in tailoring a professional, transparent Property Management solution around your need.

Mobile Surveilence of Vehicles

Pride in our experience in the market, particularly in highly specialized industries such as financial institutions, hotels, events, residential and commercial estates as well as clubs, bars and restaurants.

We are specialist in providing long-term security service for: Warehouses , Construction Sites , Construction Buildings, Remote Areas , and Vacant Land Plots etc. Anywhere in Hong Kong.