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A global organisation, we secure airports and safeguard some of the most exciting events in the global sporting and entertainment calendar, and are a trusted partner to governments worldwide, keeping personnel and some of the world’s most important buildings safe and secure.

What we do touches people’s lives in nearly every area you can imagine.

Joining Wasai Group Security Company Limited offers a world of exciting challenges, great career opportunities and a chance to be part of the second largest private workforce in the world.

Discover where you fit in by exploring our three levels of recruitment.

Job Vancancies
  • Site Supervisor
  • Installation Engineer
  • Receptionist
  • Security Officer
  • Cash processor
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Event Steward
  • Operations Manager

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We are specialist in providing long-term security service for: Warehouses , Construction Sites , Construction Buildings, Remote Areas , and Vacant Land Plots etc. Anywhere in Hong Kong.